Alejandra Palos
Early La Paz


Stone. Symbol of the primordial gift of the sun. Stone is the memory of the light, its fossil. And the artist-archaeologist traces the form that the light has bequeathed. The sculptor is but listening to the messages of the sun when she takes the stone and offers to us the primary substance that it signifies, intelligence in all its manifestations.

Alejandra Palos Ortega, during her multiple trips over the world has traversed not only a planet, but also its vestiges. In stone or in the minerals that reminds us of an offertory to a God, as it is referred to by Jorge Cuesta--, the artist will convey to us an encounter with its inner voice.

Alejandra is aware of this: the dimensions that her works assume operate on the consciousness, appealing not to reason or to logic, but to the most necessary and basic sensitivity. For her, the objects will assume their significance not with the explanatory processes of a method, but with the most absolute silence. The artist chases the silence of her own internal flame, which burns hot, which pursues, but which is quenched by her work of art, where nature fulfills its task: to re-live through the voice of the sun, its creation.

Ramón Cuellar Márquez, Mexican Author
La Paz, 2002
(Translation from original Spanish)




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