Jade Skirt

Jade Skirt sculpture

Inspired by Mexica mythology. The volumes and forms represent the skirt of the Goddess of flowing waters “Chalchiuhtlicue”, worshiped and highly respected by the Aztecs. Water was a divine element that could clear and cleanse but at the same time could devastate. This suggests a duality under the Aztec perspective of appreciation, devotion and fear.


Linked sculpture

It points, accuses, and one way or another makes one feel guilty. It moves to direct one’s sight to the reshaped scape. It’s not the hanger that traps rather the act that holds what is tossed on and obliged to carry, that is used and is forgotten or is used and dispatched. ‘It hurts if one is empathetic, scares if I feel identified, and insults if I feel singled out. How beautiful it becomes after observing without judging. To see that after forcing her to have a form or function it recovers life in the movement of her figure, which like the waves, or the wind, undulates with strength and cadence till simply falling in love. But, only then, when she is herself.’ Sánchez-Hidalgo, A.