The Artist

Alejandra Palos Ortega is a child of the 70’s, born in Sonora, Mexico, raised in Colorado, USA and Baja California Sur, Mexico in a family of multicultural painters and musicians; in addition to growing up with Spanish and English, she has studied in Geneva, lived for a time in Sendai, Japan, and currently resides in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Art is in her blood and viewing the universe through the matrix of multiculturalism, gifts her with a special perception of our world. Few better understand the shortfalls of spoken language than those who work in several; where words fail, the arts provide extended channels of expression.

For some twenty years, Alejandra has focused on the arts, participated in specialty courses by international experts and, more recently, presenting her works in individual and collective exhibitions. In Japan– land of silence, beauty and Zen– she began exploring additional media including photography.

Alejandra has taught Spanish, French and English to children and adults, been an ecotour guide in the wilds of Baja, Mexico, and is a wife and mother.

Ale on her art: “I have always been a dreamer, art endows me, it is the way to find myself and the world through that dream.

….I get into my tiny space that becomes like a sanctuary to me… play with materials… we have a common interest: that of expressing through the forms… it is there I am free, only there anything is possible… the elements in the works can change anytime surprising, challenging my senses and thoughts… then we settle for a moment and that is when I let go, leaving a space for someone else to have an own and personal encounter.

Art and raising a family: “…letting go, give and take; it takes creativity and love, to dream at day and night be myself within art, the world and family.

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